Terms and conditions

1. EESTEC LC Skopje located on St.Rugjer Boshkovikj b.b, Skopje, is organizing a 7-day competition for startup concepts called “Code App Level Up” (“CALU”)

2. Participating in CALU is a subject of respecting/compliance of the terms and conditions defined in this document, which all of the participants have agreed on when submitting their applications, as well as giving the authorization to EESTEC LC Skopje to process personal data and using video and images made during the event. The right to participate in CALU have all the Participants who do not comply with the provisions of these conditions, will be excluded from the event, as well as the ones that are trying to abandon and/or compromise the normal functioning of the process of judging and the outcome of the event in general with fraudulent or other prohibited behavior. EESTEC LC Skopje have no responsibility for losses or damages that are caused by the participants in CALU, except in case of negligence. These conditions are applied exclusively to the participants of CALU which will be held on 15-th to 21-st April 2019.

3. Intellectual property remains to the participants. Participants accept that they will work on the development of their own solutions/prototypes during CALU and that those solutions can be similar or identical in terms of topic, idea, format, etc. to other solutions developed during this CALU.

4. Participants guarantee that 

(i) the prototype is their own original work and that it is developed and presented for the first time by them during this Code App Level Up Startup Edition 

(ii) the prototype does not violate or harm intellectual property, ownership or other rights of any other person

(iii) participants clearly identify the rights of third parties, as well as the applicable license terms and other details related to the use thereof 

(iv) own and control all of the rights necessary to transfer the intellectual property of the prototype of the application irrevocably and without limit from the organizers 

(v) posting the application on different mediums, including web and social media, won’t harm the rights of third parties

5. There will be only one winning idea and the evaluation for the same will be based on the following criteria:

  • Validation: Is there a clear distinction between the problem space and the solution space of the clients? Is the pain of the clients real? Is there critical number of clients? Is the solution valid? How many clients have been tested on? Did the concept pivit after the testing?
  • Team: What is the potential of the team? Is there good workload balance between the team members? Is there equal engagement among them all? Is the team building a synergical value? Is the team multidisciplinar and team members complement with each other? Is there hipster, hustler and hacker in the team?
  • Execution: (Is there a demo version? Is the MVP ready? How far is it from market launch?)
  • Business model: (How applicable the solution is on hte market? Is it clear how much funds it will generate? What is the customer aquisition cost? Is there strategy for reaching to early adopters? Is the business model scalable?)
  • Implementation: (Is the solution applicable? Can it be implemented right away?)
  • * The end result will be calculated based on the five listed criterias.

6. EESTEC will announce the prize fund on our Facebook page and on calu.mk till 15-th March 2019 calu.mk до 15ти Март 2019та година.

7. With registering and participating in this CALU, the participants agree to the terms and conditions listed below:

- Agree to these terms and conditions and that they will respect them in their entirety;

- Agree that the decisions of the Judicial panel selected by the organizers, are definite and binding in terms of the choice of the award that is to be awarded;

- Agree to not use or promote offensive statements, indecent or any other inappropriate material in their prototypes;

- Agree to send their CV’s to all the participants in the process of application. Agree that the CV’s can be shared with the sponsors of the event

- Agree that their participation in CALU won’t break any obligation of confidentiality or contractual rights of any third party and that with their participation they will not break any law, agreement or regulation;
- Agree to:

  • Apply as a group of 3 to 4 participants sending their CV’s
  • At least two of the group members should be students
  • The application includes sending a short promo video about the product and Lean Canvas https://canvanizer.com/new/lean-canvas

8. These terms and conditions are regulated by the laws of Republic of Macedonia. The courts in Skopje have the exclusive competence to consider any dispute or claim related to CALU or these Terms and conditions.