What is CALU?

Code App, Level Up 5 – Startup Edition is the fifth iteration of one of the most successful student events in Macedonia. Code App Level Up is organized by the student organization EESTEC LC Skopje.

In 2019 CALU is focused on startup creation. 32 participants split in teams consisted of three to four members will be learning and competing. Our goal is to be catalyst of the entrepreneurial spirit.

Over 200 participants have been part of the CALU experience so far. For many of them this was career changing moment.

CALU 5 is a event composed of: lectures and hands on workshops, mentorship sessions, networking event as well as a final competition among the startups.

  • Design of Web platform
  • Development of Web platform
  • Development of business model and pitching the project to investers and accelerators

Welcome to CALU5!